Signs Your Lawn Sprinkler System Needs Repair

In Nebraska, Mother Nature will not take care of your lawn. Typically, summer months will leave your yard dry and yellow and winter months will easily destroy lush grass if not treated and prepped properly. These are just a few reasons to maintain your sprinkler and irrigation system. It’s important to quickly attend to and resolve problems in your system before costly repairs arise. Luckily, there are a few warning signs that will point to problems in your sprinkler system.


Partial Coverage and Loss of Water Pressure

If you notice dry spots or pools of water in various areas of your lawn, there’s a good chance your sprinkler system needs repairs or adjustments. Often, the issue is a head that needs to be modified or a valve that needs altered. Another malfunction sign is the loss of pressure in a head or a particular zone. If you notice low pressure or even too much pressure, check the control valves and regulators. It’s also a possibility that roots are compromising the irrigation pipes underground.


Dripping Valves and Sputtering Heads

The valve’s role in your sprinkler system is to deposit the proper amount of water to each zone of your lawn. A leaking or dripping valve is not normal for an accurately functioning valve. Signs of repair include damp area around the filters and pressure regulators. Before making assumptions, it’s best to check the system for any grass, dirt, bubbles, or even mold that may be growing. Sputtering heads is also a sign of a pressure or valve problem. However, heads can easily become clogged with debris, generate cracks, or simply shift positions. Evaluate the problem and if readjustment doesn’t fix the issue, call the professionals at Sarpy Irrigation.


Lawn Sprinkler and Irrigation Maintenance in Sarpy County


The goal of lawn sprinkler system maintenance is to avoid costly repairs and high-water bills. If you suddenly notice a spike in your water bill, it’s time to call an irrigation expert to inspect your pipes. Our professionals at Sarpy Irrigation can handle all lawn sprinkler system repairs and alterations. We offer over 21 years of experience and can repair your lawn sprinkler system right the first time. Visit our website to learn more about our lawn services in Sarpy County and around the Omaha metro area.